Fiber Wall Game

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Midterm_Ryan Chen

By breaking down fabrics into their raw form; Shred Fabric. It maximize their possibility of reuse (e.g. insulation stuffing, cushion)  and on the other hand minimize the material requirement such as their scale, quantity, and quality. It is ideal material for Goodwill’s because of its efficiency and ability to consume large volume of fabric.

The basic concept for this project is to create this consumption. By proposing a war game, using recycle fabric material to produce its customized site and equipment. With the materials highly flexibility, the game can be customized in to any scale and theme, and on the other hand, the projects encourage self creativity in terms of creating game and creating rules for the game. Most importantly, it produces job opportunity for people to design and organize the game.


Feed back and direction 

-Propose a actual game type- (capture the flag series)

-Prototype Equipment- Obstacle and equipment

-Scaling the equipment- and its mobility

-Cost estimation for different scale

-The proposal currently to break down material into its generic form to maximize the range of use- is there another away to take advantage of the materials uniqueness?

-Educational possibility?