Patrick Hill – Midterm Response



Three critiques that I was given was that I needed to explore more forms with the shape of the hanging lamps, I should investigate the types of perforations more as well (ie length, pattern, size, and direction of perforations), and also that the mycelium is rather slow in terms of how it an be produced. So I can come up with more ideas for the final forms of that as well.




My plan is to continue development of the hanging forms, by learning to use grasshopper to create more parabolic and non-uniform shapes. This is a very powerful tool that I have not yet dabbled with. I am excited to try it out and see what I can achieve. I think there is lots of room for progression for forms. And, wether it be more of a fine art type of piece, purely experimenting with the size and shape, or if it will be more product based, experimenting with how light is affected by the perforations to achieve a good overall glow and radiance. The circles look interesting as stalactite/stalagmite formations, but can get rather boring since they are so uniform in their parabolic droop.

As for the mycelium samples, it really a slower sort of ongoing experiment. Its hard to do tests on the samples of material while its still growing. So, trying to come up with a final form is all hypothetical still. It can be pushed further in terms of areas where the mycelium foam can be applied, but is dependent on density, weight, and shapability of the material itself.

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