Progress – Karina, Jennifer, Chen

Production timeline: 

1. Preparation : Collect vinyl record + magazines (11″ x 8.5″)

2. Construction Steps (labor: minimum of three people):

First: use nail gun to connect three magazines together as one block (1 min)

Second: cut the magazines into half (1 min)

Third: stack the magazine blocks into one 36″ in width x 72″ in height wall panel (30 mins)

Fourth: insert the vinyl records to the wall panel based on the template that already been designed, and can be rearranged based on need (30 mins)

Fifth: put display products on the vinyl records



1.Labor: $13/hour, per person

2. Wood Nail Gun, $100

3. 5000 1/2″ nails, $80  (one block – half of the magazines, two blocks need 8 nails)





Recent real scale prototypes and weight measurement 



Before: Front Logo display wall of Goodwill Boutique Store – concrete blocks 





After: Front Logo display wall of Goodwill Boutique Store – stacking magazines system with inserted vinyl record display shelves

Material Experiments

First material explorations of different techniques. I tried cutting and weaving, brushing and layering, ans embroidery. I tested three kinds of fabrics, soft yarn that took out from scarfs, textile samples and synthetic leather.



material exploration 1

Second material explorations. I tested the plastic record disc as a underlay structure that can support  yarn, combining different fabric scraps with embroidery and unwoven fabric scarfs.






small material test of cut out plastic record disc with film on top


material test