Overall the main point of feed back I received was to no limit myself to a price point, and explore more options and improving on my product board.
A quote from a review was 

“I told them costs should be part of what they consider but should not lead their creative process
 so for example, the jewelry person had a simple circle resin shape that he was thinking to make into a $20 earring
and he was not engaging with the physicality of the piece ….. exploring weight..aggregation, where joins to chains or fasteners were made etc……all of which if done well might command $100
people pay for good design……I didn’t understand where the target price of $20 came from…..”
As I stand now “The higher priced jewelry will not have a physical model, but rather will just be a concept.” I time allows I would like to produce something, but it is not likely.
My new goal is perfect my line of bracelets, and create a better presentation board, then more on to my necklaces and pendents, and add more information to my presentation board.
TIME FRAME – Working Hours
Week 11 – Tuesday and Thursday 2-7 p.m.
Week 12 – Tuesday and Thursday 2-7 p.m.
Week 13 – Tuesday and Thursday 2-7 p.m.
Week 14 – Installation
Goal Final: Great presentation board, Self serve or me serving, free diy bracelets, Earring/pendents/ring on display, and possible rough prototype of high end jewelry.

Final Proposal Prototyping


(1) Draft of Production process including timeline

1. Making the silicone mold 10 minutes  (One time process)

2. 30 minutes set (One time process)

3. Cutting three 1” circles out of keyboard film, 6 minutes, 20 per a keyboard

4. Making resin, 5 minutes

5. Setting resin and keyboard film, 5 minutes

6. 1 hour resin set

7. Drilling hole/adding hardware, 20 minutes


(2) draft of project budget and target price point

15% of silicone used. $3.75

5% of Resin used. $1.25

Film/hardware ¢.50

Total budget: $5.50

Total time: start to finish 2hr 16mins, TT not including initial making process/ material setting: 36mins

Double the price and time for earrings other then hardware (2 pieces)


10 sets of earrings or 20 pendents: $33.75

Time spent: 5 hr


Labor: 5hr(time spent) x 13 per hr=$65 +$33.75(materials) = $98.75

Price per Pendent/Earring: $20     %51.725 mark up

DSC_0065DSC_0067 DSC_0068

Work in Progess




Midterm Review – Electronic Jewelry

Artist to look at: Emiko Oye, Harriete Estel Berman

Venue to look at: Velvet Da Vinci - Contemporary art gallery showcasing jewelry, metalwork & crafts in a lofty, industrial setting, in San Francisco


1. Using Printers parts for jewelry. Having each jewelry line be dedicated to a specific electronic components.

2. For the low end line, have the customers make and assembly their own.

3. More explanation of Goodwill’s role


1.  Deciding each component and assigning a low, medium or high product.

  • Low end – Key boards
  • Medium – Printers
  • High end – VCR

My decision is based off the the rarity, and more visually appealing components. I didn’t see printers at Goodwill/unaware of parts inside. One of the Goodwill staff said, there was tons and would like to see it used in the project. I need to find a printer, and see if it has usable components.

2. Set up a table at Goodwill where people can come in and make their own bracelets. Will work as an assembly line, with parts precut/partially assembled etc. It will include instructions posted above. It will engulf personalization, and DIY creative reuse. Will need more keyboards.

3. Make a message or tag, with the product describing its history. State the relationship between vendors, distributors, wholesale, etc, creating relationships, and high profit margins.


Preparing for Midterm Review Project 1-2/2 Grant Wurgley

Goodwill Speech: Key points/What to incorporate

  • Community
  • Something new
  • What can you solve
  • Low cost electronics
  • Business scene
  • High profit margin
  • De-manufacturing
  • That new fresh thing

Items that have little value to Goodwill: Plastic, Metal, Cardboard, textiles, Video tapes, Electronics.

Goodwill’s Mission: Goodwill works to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

 1. Creative reuse, De-manufacturing, high profit margins, population of landfills, new jobs/more hours, low cost electronics, that new fresh thing. All of these practices and models can be used globally, locally, and specifically towards Goodwill, to create a strong business model, that has a great potential to be environmentally conscious.

 2. By De-manufacturing and recycling old keyboards that have little to no value.  I’m looking at other functions of the keyboards that are a far cry from its only and original function, by harvesting it unseen raw materials.

 3. By harvesting unseen, demanufactured raw materials from a keyboard and creating a high profit margin being utilized by low cost electronics resulting in “That new fresh thing.”

 4. While all keyboards are different, they all use the same materials/parts, in different ways. It is good combination of material consistency, and having each produce being unique. Multiple products can be produced from one keyboard. It is also very simple to construct, with a high turn around.

 5. Anyone who acts on convenience/impulse, entrepreneurs, being trendy, green people, tech people, people who recycle, women, and the younger generation.

Concept 1-3: Burnt/Window shade, Cloth wrapped lighting fixture, necklace made of fabric. 


Concept 4: keyboard jewelry/bracelet (not pictured) raw materials  


Concept 5: VCR Watch (not pictured) raw materials