Material exploration – Karina Jusuf

1st iteration

This is my first material experiment with maharam fabric I got from our first visit in Goodwill. I want to preserve the beauty of these fabrics because it is still a good quality fabric. I am experimenting with different techniques that I might possibly use for the final product. I am interested in manipulating the fabric to create different pattern on the fabric itself. I am also interested in using foam, which is the material that is harder to degrade in the environment, to create 3-dimensional forms.

From our 2nd trip to Goodwill, we found a lot materials in As-Is section that has little or no value that we can incorporate in our project to make something out of it that will has more value. I found there are a lot of stuffed animals and pillows in the As-Is section that has a lot of potential for my project.

FullSizeRender (1)



These are my second iteration for my project. I use foam found in neck pillow and stuffed animals insert for the insert of my new products. I also weave in different way to create a new pattern of fabric. I am trying different ways of using foam uses in the interior world.

Because of the characteristics of foam that can absorb sound, which is really good for acoustics. I am leaning towards creating an acoustical system, either on walls or freestanding screen, that can be easily reproduced with minimal instruction.