Technique Experimentation

Initial Experimentation

Examples of transformational techniques in which explored in texture/pattern, volume/dimensionality, and light/density.


Heating – heat gun and iron



Heating – heat gun with threading technique to stop the burnt



Cutting and folding


IMG_1028IMG_1036 IMG_1037



Finalize Experimentation

These are the techniques that I am most interested in exploring.

IMG_1100 IMG_1101

Heating – the form could be achieve by putting something underneath the fabric. Then use a heat gun to heat up the fabric.


IMG_1109 copyIMG_1107



IMG_1110 IMG_1111 copy

Cutting and folding – stuffed with filling and attached each module together to create a new usable object.

In this test, I was trying different filling types and the angles of attaching. It is also the technique that I decided to work on through out the semester. The end result is going to be a furniture that has different scaled modules to support human ergonomic. Also, it is foldable in some parts, therefore the users can use it to serve various activities. I will cooperate other types of fabric into the piece and also thinking more about the types of user.