Material exploration


For the past few weeks, i’ve been testing fabric samples like denim with different Methods. knowing how denim can be durable with different testaments, it pushes me to work further with this material. During our trip to Goodwill, I saw people who shop at the warehouse often looking for the cloth with the right size all the time, it makes me thinking how the sustainable process being limited by sizes and I might avoid that. With further development, I decided to compose tough material like denim and linen out of cloth to objects like cluthes, bags and totes which has much more wide audience. The form of the bags can also be designed with less friction to the ground in order to increase use time. I was also thinking the chance of using pressed vinyl patterns upgrade the fashion taste to these products. The ultimate purpose of this concept is to take care the left out used cloth and turn them into fashionate products with maximum material reuse.

image image image