Material Exploration

material test 1.0


These are the first set of experiments I did with the fabric from Goodwill. I tried waving, sewing, and felting as the connection of fabrics and want to make some patterns.





For my second set of experiments, I made a cushion from the previous technique I learned. I disassembled two straw hats and coiling them into circles as a pattern. The last one is a three dimensional waving experiment that create some depth for the pattern.



The photo above is my latest experiment about ready-made structure and new fabric strips. My idea is to make pet furniture from used material in Goodwill.  For this experiment, I was trying to work with a existed structure to support soft material.

Labor is a great resource at Goodwill. In San Francisco, workers came from different culture background and speaking different languages. They are learning new skills and ways to connect with the society. I want to design a product with simple technique that people can learn without too much verbal explanation, so people can feel connected easily by working together. This might also be the first step for the beginners in working at Goodwill.