Material Exploration

My main goal for the final project is to extract the value from the products and revalue the materials. The material exploration below helped me figure out the direction of my project.

structure cuttingsmocking


The above pictures are the test using the maharam fabric donated by Goodwill. The first set of pictures are the tests of structuring the fabric. In picture a, the edge of the fabric is sewed with metal wire which can help the fabric has a flexible structure. In picture b, the fabric is connected with metal mesh by the filtering technique. In picture c, the fabric is placed in two side of heated plastic sheets which gives the fabric a very shiny surface and stiff structure. The second set of the pictures are the tests of cutting technique. In picture d, the leather is cut and scored to created a pattern on the surface. In picture e, the leather is cut in a certain pattern so it can be stretched. In picture e, the fabric is cut in strips and weaved into another piece of fabric which created the dimension of the fabric.  The third set of pictures are the tests of smocking technique. All the three smocking technique creates the dimension of the fabric. Especially, in picture h, fabric can be stretched which caught my attention and interests most.

casting 18 smocking 18 structure 18

After the first 9 tests of materials, I am interested in creating structures and patterns on fabric. The three pictures above are the developed tests after the 9 material tests. The first test is to cast the fabric with keyboard button by using white glue which create a pattern on the fabric. The second test is to experiment different surface finishing by adding different layers of materials and sewing them with smocking technique. The third test is to weave the metal wire into the mat which creates structures on the soft mat.

inclass testing


This is the most recent in class material test. Instead of using threads to sew the fabric and create pattern and structure. I used metal wire to create pattern.  It can be stretched into a 3 dimensional pattern and also be compressed as a flat piece. It gives the flexibility of the pattern.

These sets of material test give me any idea that I wanted to design a furniture surface that has the structure and soft surface at the same time. This design could give fabric different definitions and uses. The fabric can not only be soft but also be stiff and structural.