mid term review





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After the mid term review, my concept of ¬†turing abandoned clothes into teenager backpacks received a lots of positive feedback. I think one big fact that the idea works is because it is so simple to make but also feeds lots of needs. On the other hand, the design can generate more job opportunities for people to learn how to make these bags. I’ve also collected lots of valuable feedbacks to improve the concept.

1. Material wise, seek out more types of materials and combination would be more interesting. The fact about customizing these bags is that every single bag will be different, which could add more value to the product itself. Size wise, maybe come with multi-sizes in order to fit even broader audiences.

2. Since branding is a part of the design, It is very important to figure out how much it cost to establish a new product image, and how much more to develop the bags so that the profits come from these bags could recover the cost of building the image. Try to find a marketing position where the product is belonged. (ex. How much it sells? Where the product is put in the store? How the product is shown to the customers? and what kind system that runs for customization?

3. Other than how the bag is looks like right now, there are more aspect to think with. One of the aspect is function. Some informative questions could be if the belt can be adjustable? How is the buckle work? Or is there going to be any mechanism?

For future plans, i will definitely start with more material researching and also check color combination. Design wise, i want to collaborate with some of my peers’s ideas to further develop the bottom piece of my bag. Further more, i can work with people who shares the similar ¬†ideas with me about rebranding and to make plans for new series of products.