Midterm Review_Lily-Jia

Modular Cells

Wimalin (Lily) Suklar | Jia Zhao






Study models/patterns



First Prototypes – form and pattern



Q. How it is going to be manufactured by Goodwill? Since the materials and resources are limited and various.

A. The module can be combined within a color palette and with the same type of fabrics. We are going to set a template of colors and materials as a guide and an instruction of how to assemble the module or seat. This way the Goodwill workers can follow along and reproduce the product.

Q. Think about the usage of each pattern; different patterns can work ergonomically for different parts of human body.

A. We are going to combined different patterns based on ergonomic of human body. For example, the puffy pattern will make you feel comfortable, while the stiff pattern is for structural purpose.

Q. How will it get assemble? what is the connection? How will it transform from one furniture to another?

A. For now, we are going to attach buttons or zippers at the edges of the module as our connection. In that case, the flexibility of the joint will allow people to assemble and transform the furniture under a certain instruction.