Midterm Review – Electronic Jewelry

Artist to look at: Emiko Oye, Harriete Estel Berman

Venue to look at: Velvet Da Vinci - Contemporary art gallery showcasing jewelry, metalwork & crafts in a lofty, industrial setting, in San Francisco


1. Using Printers parts for jewelry. Having each jewelry line be dedicated to a specific electronic components.

2. For the low end line, have the customers make and assembly their own.

3. More explanation of Goodwill’s role


1.  Deciding each component and assigning a low, medium or high product.

  • Low end – Key boards
  • Medium – Printers
  • High end – VCR

My decision is based off the the rarity, and more visually appealing components. I didn’t see printers at Goodwill/unaware of parts inside. One of the Goodwill staff said, there was tons and would like to see it used in the project. I need to find a printer, and see if it has usable┬ácomponents.

2. Set up a table at Goodwill where people can come in and make their own bracelets. Will work as an assembly line, with parts precut/partially assembled etc. It will include instructions posted above. It will engulf personalization, and DIY creative reuse. Will need more keyboards.

3. Make a message or tag, with the product describing its history. State the relationship between vendors, distributors, wholesale, etc, creating relationships, and high profit margins.