Midterm Progress – Karina, Jennifer, Chen


As a group, Jennifer, Chen and I come together to collaborate to create a display system for the retail store, and a storage/acoustical system for workplace.

Both ideas, we use vinyl disc that we saw in as-is section, which seems that nobody use it anymore.


For the modular display system, we used the vinyl disc as display shelf. We made a slot on a piece of plywood and slot the discs inside, so that the wood will hold all the vinyl disc and form a panel.

We can rearrange the pattern of the disc on the wall according to the need. The panel can stand on its own, acting as double-sided wall or it can be attached to the existing wall to make it one-sided display wall.


For the acoustical screen, it is acting as not only acoustical screen but also a small hanging storage unit and posting board.

We also use vinyl disc as the backing and cover one of the side with foam and fabric, and the other side with used scarf to form a pocket.


Comments we got from the review:

- For the modular display system, the most important thing is how to make it stronger to support products. Better to test it in full scale.

- We can should focus on the details, using reusable materials and make it look ‘high-end’ that is suitable for retail store window display.

- Instead of only stacking them together, we can try other methods, such as bending them to make other connection to the wall.

- Try to eliminate to use other materials that required more money to purchase.

- For the acoustical panel, instead of hanging, we can just attached it to the wall. Consider making it continuous to the ceiling installation.

- Try different pattern, not using only the circle shape (from the discs).

Our Response:

- For both projects, we want to focus on Goodwill retail store.

- For the modular display system, we want to stack five discs as one module to create a system that we can repeat for patterns and make it stand individually without the additional support wall.

- For the acoustical panel, we are thinking about using the sleeve of the discs, laser cut it into different shapes and combine it with the foam and fabrics to make a panel that sticks to the existing wall directly. This can be for a accent wall that is located behind the registry to make a statement for Goodwill.