Midterm Review_Daniel Frank



Once I’d played around with the methods of casting resin, I have decided on a design for a phone case, laptop case and tablet case. I would have a specific selection of fabric that is approved to use in resin. This is mostly due to what the material looks like when cast in resin and also due to the thickness of the material. The fabric would be cut up in small bits and soaked in resin while collaged onto the phone cast.

20160218_052739 copy




The fabric is relatively easy to separate out from the rest of goodwills soft-goods assembling process. After clothes have not sold at a store, they are sent back to a goodwill warehouse to be resorted and baled. My plan is to place a light sorting process in between the resorted clothes and the baling process.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 9.24.54 AM


The whole process takes around ten to twelve minutes of handling time and 72 hours of drying time. However, the excess of drying time does not mean that the resin is weak or that it will scratch. The products can be stacked up or packaged before the case is fully cured. I figure that if ten minutes are spent on each phone case while paying fifteen dollars an hour, a dollar of resin is spent on each phone case, and the case is being sold at twenty dollars, then Goodwill is profiting sixteen dollars and fifty cents on each phone.