Progress – Karina, Jennifer, Chen

Production timeline: 

1. Preparation : Collect vinyl record + magazines (11″ x 8.5″)

2. Construction Steps (labor: minimum of three people):

First: use nail gun to connect three magazines together as one block (1 min)

Second: cut the magazines into half (1 min)

Third: stack the magazine blocks into one 36″ in width x 72″ in height wall panel (30 mins)

Fourth: insert the vinyl records to the wall panel based on the template that already been designed, and can be rearranged based on need (30 mins)

Fifth: put display products on the vinyl records



1.Labor: $13/hour, per person

2. Wood Nail Gun, $100

3. 5000 1/2″ nails, $80  (one block – half of the magazines, two blocks need 8 nails)





Recent real scale prototypes and weight measurement 



Before: Front Logo display wall of Goodwill Boutique Store – concrete blocks 





After: Front Logo display wall of Goodwill Boutique Store – stacking magazines system with inserted vinyl record display shelves