Proposal Review Response – Karina, Jennifer, Chen



  • Lynda Grose likes the simplicity of our project. We have to test more to see what other possibilities we can do. By doing a lot of testing we will know what obstacles we will face of doing the full scale.
  • Shalini Agrawal said that we can limit / specify the things we want to display, so we don’t have to count on every possibilities that they can use with the wall that we build. She suggested to make something short but functional (eg. bench / display pedestal) so we don’t have to face the obstacle of having the wall being too tall that it might fall down / tip over. She also said that the vinyl records might not work. We might have to consider to make it work or eliminate that for the design.
  • Amy Campos said we can consider of having the display counter with the hollow inside with support made by deconstructed furniture so it won’t be as heavy.





  • Test how to attached the stack of magazine blocks to the existing furniture frame. We need to research about the construction of furniture pieces (ask Aimee or Furniture people).
  • Manipulate the records for self supporting / make it stiffer by heating it up, drill and screw several records together.
  • Test the dowel
  • Make scaled model out of same material for the whole wall


  • March 21 – March 27 : Spring break
  • March 28: (3) hours – making scale model, manipulate records to be stiffer and try to put it in the blocks
  • March 30: (3) hours – drill the book blocks, and insert the dowel to see how it works, research about furniture construction / seek help of ways to attach books to the furniture frame
  • April 2: (3) hours – make the frame for the counter design
  • April 4: (4) hours – start production (making the blocks for the final design)
  • April 6: (3) hours – continue blocks production
  • April 9: (4) hours – records shelf production
  • April 11: (3) hours – continue records shelf projection
  • April 13: (3) hours – combining the book + records for the whole wall design as panels to be assembled in place
  • April 18: (4) hours – final work of combining the rest + packing for installation.