Packaging Review Follow Up

The current state of my project is probably behind the point that it should be at tis current state. Enough material tests have been run to confirm the small- scale concept. The idea and transformation process itself is basic. But this project has evolved into more of a systems design project than any materiality exploration or branding exercise. Currently the issues I am facing revolve more around basic story-telling behind the project and full scale prototyping. The next steps that need to be taken to advance the project are:

  1. Create final boards which diagram the system that display initial collection to final output.
  2. Finalize Design for printing or embossing onto final substrates for branding purposes.
  3. Full final paper swatches which mirror the Goodwill brand guide/ Pantone Swatches.
  4. See if I need a larger mould and deckle for pulling larger sheets.
  5. Prototype 3 final size envelopes, (or two envelopes and a bag).

I’ve already run a rough cost benefit analysis on the project and it seems in some sense surprisingly feasible. There are always more hidden costs in the staring and up keep of everything. But currently, the large scale manufacturing of substrate internally for Goodwill is possible and in some sense and time in the future (were this to be implemented) it might actually pay for itself over a year or so.

Scheduling and execution for this final prototype is tight. Available making time falls of the weekends. Sunday (1-2 hours) and all Monday (12 am-12pm). Plus the current break (all days minus Saturday) Are the available current hours available for the project, give or take an odd hour. Rough schedule as follows.

3/23 Final Shredding and pulls of paper to make the Goodwill Pantones.
3/24 Research mould and deckle sizes for pulling large sheets/ final boards / diagrams
3/29 Draft final designs
4/2 Pull paper full scale padded envelopes.
4/3 Paper drying/ curing/ finalize envelope design print film stencil
4/10 Cut nets & printing, burn stencil to silkscreen
4/17 Clean up and odds & ends
4/18 Clean up & odds & ends

Goodwill Expanded palette