TEAM_MAK_Final Proposal

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Last week’s review helped our team narrow down what we expect our end product to be. The feedback we got helped us in terms of what we should be making, how it would work, and who we would sell it for. We’re expecting to have three final prototypes done by the final exhibition date. One will be an alternative upholstery option using recycled and low costing fabric. We will be using our snap system, casted in rubber to create an uplifted comfortable seat cushion. Our next prototype, we’re giving new life to old furniture using layers of fabric to enhance the colors, the texture, and the comfort of the chair. Our last prototype, we will use the structural quality fabric inherently has to create furniture by compressing hundreds of layers of fabric together between two (steel, maybe wood) frames. Our main goal is to take as much textile out of landfills as possible, which unfortunately results in this product being sold at high prices.