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Goods Cycle: Rebel T-Shirts with a Cause


Rebellious clothes that don’t raise the f*cking sea level, but can raise your level of consciousness.

Everyone who buys our shirts is basically a hero.. because we save the lives of shirts before they get shipped off, trashed, or destroyed, and let them live a long, healthy life.


We work with Goodwill to get TONS (yes, literally) of t-shirts that are practically new, and then we redesign them in true rogue fashion.

We believe waste is an amazing resource, and that too many clothes are thrown away each and every day (65lbs per person in America per year). So we channeled our rebellious side and came up with some edgy ways to talk about waste and second hand.

Every single shirt is unique in its own way because of our process. Our screen-printed slogans mingle with the previous art or text, reclaiming any design for your own.


Little Sh*rts don’t have a little impact…

2700 litres of water wasted

1.3 lb of pesticides/herbicides

>7lbs of CO2 emissions

*use per 1 new cotton tshirt”


INSTAGRAM: Goods.Cycle


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Robyn Willson, Junior Individualized Major